Types of Harley Davidsons

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It’s no secret that Harley Davidsons are some of the coolest vehicles on the road. The historic motorcycle brand is easily recognizable on the roads. And most of the time, you can hear them before you see them. Harley Davidsons are some of the most popular motorcycles around. If you’re thinking of buying one, you may not know that you have many options to choose from. The model you choose should be based on how you plan to ride. Below we list the types of Harley Davidsons so you know which is best for you.

Street Models

Street models are the newest addition to the Harley Davidson line. They are quick and light and great for urban driving. They also have great handling and are good for maneuvering.

Sportster Models

This model is inspired by racing bikes. This bike is light and easy to handle which makes it a great option for new riders. The Sportster is great for long cruises and short trips.

Dyna® Models

This model comes with two twin engines which give it a slight power boost over other models. It handles like the Sportster model but is slightly heavier due to the bigger engine. This model is known for its strong power-weight ratio.

Softail Models

Many people in metropolitan areas tend to choose the Softail model. Due to the hidden rear wheel suspension, this bike is more comfortable to ride than others.

Touring Models

These models are much larger than the others. The Touring Model is great for drivers who love to take long road trips. The comfort and compartment space makes these models a great option for coast-to-coast riding.

Trike Models

Trike Models are even bigger and come with more cargo space than the Touring Models. They are easily identified by their third wheel which makes for better handling and more power. These are also a great choice for those who like to travel long distances.

Now that you know the types of Harley Davidsons, you can start deciding which model is best for you. Once you choose a model, be sure to protect your Harley with a Harley Davidson Insurance policy. With Harley Davidson Insurance, you can ensure that you are financially covered in case you ever experience a collision, damage, or cause bodily injury. SkyBlue Insurance is an authorized representative for the top providers of Harley Davidson Insurance. Contact us now and request a Harley Davidson Insurance quote today and get instant results for free!

Types of Harley Davidsons

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